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I have known Pete Weir for the past two decades. As a prosecutor, as a judge, as Colorado’s Director of Public Safety, and now as the elected District Attorney for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties, Pete has had one thought foremost in his mind: How is justice best served, in each case, in each issue of public policy? I am proud to endorse Pete Weir in his re-election bid for the District Attorney of the First Judicial District. Read former Governer Bill Ritter's Op-Ed in the Denver Post.

Bill Ritter Jr.
Former Governer of Colorado
Former District Attorney of Denver

For years, Pete Weir has distinguished himself as a tireless prosecutor and protector of people, devoting his career to the safety of the citizens of Jefferson County.  He has been a leader in the Jefferson County and Colorado criminal justice systems and has further elevated the quality and reputation of the DA’s office.

Since his initial election, Pete has aggressively targeted those who prey upon the most vulnerable in our community.  He demonstrates both a strong sense of justice and a compassion for victims.  Simply stated, Pete leads an office that makes Jefferson County a safer place to live.

The people of Jefferson County need a well-experienced, strong leader in their DA.  Pete Weir is that leader.  Join me in supporting Pete to be re-elected as Jefferson County’s District Attorney.

Jeff Shrader
 County Sheriff

Pete Weir is an outstanding District Attorney.  Throughout his first term, Pete has successfully prosecuted high-profile murders, white-collar fraud, crimes against children and the elderly, and human trafficking cases.  Pete is extremely dedicated to public safety.  Pete is also committed to improving our criminal justice system through innovative programs, particularly for juveniles.  Under Pete’s leadership, his office has engaged in extensive outreach to strengthen the trust between the community and the criminal justice system.

I am not surprised by Pete’s tremendous success as District Attorney.  Pete has over  three decades of criminal justice experience, both as a prosecutor and a district court judge.  Pete’s tenure as Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety served as a model of effective and principled leadership.  He has extraordinary experience, judgment, and a refined sense of justice.  

John Suthers
Former Colorado Attorney General (2005-2015)

The First Judicial District of the State of Colorado has been fortunate to have Pete Weir as District Attorney.  Pete is respected throughout the criminal justice system for his experience as a prosecutor, his sense of fairness, sound judgment, and passion in the pursuit of justice for all victims.   Pete has earned the trust and respect of the citizens of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties, of law enforcement professionals and deserves to be re-elected as District Attorney.  As the former Sheriff of Jefferson County, without question, I support and endorse Pete Weir for District Attorney.

Ted Mink
Former Jefferson County Sheriff (2003-2014)

To the Voters of Gilpin County

You probably hoped you wouldn’t hear from me this election, yes, that’s a joke. You need to be aware of an important race that WILL affect you, the District Attorney’s race. Our current D.A. Pete Weir has always been a leader, taking his job extremely seriously. No matter the case that happens here in Gilpin County he sends whatever resources are needed to assist local Law Enforcement. This is because he feels every victim of crime deserves the best services that can be provided! Pete’s proven track record shows this with the innovative things he has done. Like; Veteran’s court, for our veteran’s that have given so much and may have made a 1 time “bad decision” to drug addicts that need help to improve their lives. He is the current DA in a very long line of DA’s, both Democrat and Republican,(which I have proudly supported) that have kept Gilpin County as high on the list of priorities as any place in Jefferson County. In some areas of our state it isn’t uncommon for the “little guy” to get lost in the shuffle. DON’T let this important position become a victim of Politics! Let’s keep the best person for the job in Office, Pete Weir. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Bruce W. Hartman
Sheriff Gilpin County

Pete Weir has proven over the past three years that he has earned the privilege to be reelected as our District Attorney. Pete’s management experiences, prosecutorial experience, as well as his judicial experience, have equipped him with the ability to move an already professional office to a higher level of competence. Add to that his exceptional reputation among law enforcement professionals, and he clearly deserves to continue as our District Attorney.

Ron Beckham
Retired, Jefferson County Sheriff (1990-1998)

Peter Weir is the real deal: A distinguished prosecutor who also served as a District Court Judge for Gilpin and Jefferson Counties, and later as Colorado’s statewide public safety chief. Pete is a humble man and a tireless public servant. He treats everyone with respect, does his homework, and is cool under pressure. As our elected District Attorney, Pete makes us proud.

Troy A. Eid
Former United States Attorney for Colorado (2006-2009) and 45 year Jeffco resident

It is both my privilege and honor to support Pete Weir for reelection as Jeffco's District Attorney. I first met Pete in the darkest days following Jessica Ridgeway's kidnapping and homicide and I witnessed first-hand Pete's leadership and compassion as well as his unwavering resolve in the pursuit of justice for Jessica.

For the past 3 1/2 years, I have observed Pete as District Attorney and know him to be a man of integrity who understands the rule of law and who prosecutes with purpose. Pete is a leader in Colorado on restorative justice practices for non violent juvenile offenders and demands the best of himself and his office every day on behalf of our community.

I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Pete and his team as they have trained thousands of students, parents and community members in Jeffco about the threats of online predators, stranger danger and human trafficking of our most vulnerable population. Pete Weir is someone Jeffco residents can be proud of and we are a better and safer community with his leadership.

John McDonald
Executive Director Security and Emergency Management
Jeffco Public Schools




Outside Money and Politics Gone Awry

A letter by Susan Weir

Dear Friends —

As I watch my husband Pete, the most decent and honest man I know, attacked daily with falsehoods and lies, I feel compelled to speak. While Pete’s opponent, Jake Lilly is the benefactor of this corrupted message, he is not the person paying the bill for this dishonest trash. Who is? A New York City billionaire, George Soros, attempting to ‘buy’ our Jefferson County District Attorney’s race. As I write this, Soros and his group have dedicated over $140,000 to buy the DA’s
office. To fully understand the injustice occurring in our community and nationally, I ask you to please google “George Soros prosecutors” and you will quickly see why I am sending this message. Soros is spending millions to impose
his version of criminal justice reform on communities that he knows nothing about. It has made national news.

After a 37 year career in the world of criminal justice, Pete is being viciously attacked by negative and dishonest campaign ads. First, rounds of false mailers, next, nasty radio ads, and yesterday it hit local television stations. We anticipate
this will only increase in intensity as we get closer to the election. These ads were not funded by his opponent Jake Lilly, who has raised very little of his own campaign money. This garbage is funded by billionaire George Soros who is
targeting various DAs nationally in an effort to overtake our justice system. The ads against Pete bare little resemblance to the truth, but this does not matter if the goal is accomplished. This is not about party affiliation, it is about buying an
office. At issue is the ability of the citizens of Jeffco to attract good, honest people into political office and to allow elections to run as the system was designed. This is about whether or not we will allow outside billionaire money to
buy an election in Colorado. Do we want an east coast billionaire who knows nothing about our community to dictate criminal justice policy in Jefferson County?

Pete is a man of great integrity with a vast background of experience. Pete was appointed as a District Court judge by Governor Bill Owens (a Republican) and left that position when asked to head up the Department of Public Safety for
Colorado by Governor Bill Ritter (a Democrat). Pete served as the bipartisan Executive Director for the Colorado District Attorneys’ Council. Maybe most importantly, he spent years in the courtroom on a bipartisan basis keeping our
communities safe by trying high profile homicide and sexual assault cases, tragedies involving the murder of police officers, organized crime with houses of prostitution, armed robberies, horrific acts of domestic violence, financial
devastation against local businesses, and the tragic assaults and death of children. Pete carries the lessons from those battles, and the decades of experience daily into his current position as our elected DA. Pete also learned
through the process the difference between those who were truly dangerous, and those who made a terrible mistake. Pete’s experience has not been about a “D” or an “R”. It has been about justice and keeping our communities safe. As a result,
he has supporters from both sides of the aisle, his years of experience has led to his well balanced approach.

Pete is not a man of politics, he is a humble man of who believes in doing the right thing. He watches over the most vulnerable in our communities — the very old and the very young. Pete advises our attorneys to treat Veterans with the
compassion and respect that they deserve when they come back from war and enter our justice system because of the damage they suffered while fighting for our nation. Pete established a Veterans Treatment Court just for this reason. When it can be done safely, he educates our prosecutors to address addiction and mental illness through our other problem solving courts. They are
designed to help make people whole again rather than locking them up in prison where the underlying issues will not be addressed. Pete is the first DA in the state to establish a Human Trafficking unit to rescue our kids from the life of sexual
trafficking; something that would probably shock most when they learn the number of kids involved in this life in our communities, and the proximity of these activities to the places where we all live, where our kids attend school, go to parks, play sports and participate in community activities. The issue of trafficked kids alone is invasive and all around us. With all of this, Pete continually
educates our lawyers and diligently trains them to sort out the dangerous criminal who needs to be off the streets, from those good citizens who has made a horrible mistake. Who goes to prison? Those who murder and rape, savagely prey on the
old and the young. Those who cannot be rehabilitated safely on the streets.

This message of educated decision making is at the very core of Pete’s mission statement and what he does 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When you see Pete at a social event, a weekend dinner party, or on a soccer field and you see him
answering his phone, this is what he is doing. Answering the question of a police officer on the street at a homicide, or a Chief Deputy DA looking for direction with a domestic violence hostage situation, making calls on the dangerous actions
of a gang member, advising on next steps on a fallen police officer. This is who Pete is and what he does…. 24/7.

This outrageous attempt to buy our DA’s office will discourage high level, qualified candidates from getting involved in this process. Only lifetime politicians will be willing to sacrifice their time, and their reputation, to get
involved if we allow this to happen. Personally, I can tell you that this negative process has had a tremendous impact not only on Pete, but on our kids. Most impacted is our 12 year old daughter, in her first year of middle school, who no
longer is allowed to pick the mail up from the mailbox, listen to the radio or turn on the television unless we are close by. It is truly difficult to explain to a preteen struggling with all of her normal preteen issues why people would say such
terrible things about her Dad. She does not understand that things said on radio, TV, and social media are not true. When we try to explain why people would say such lies, and that is not easy, especially when that person lives in New York
City, has never met Pete and honestly has no idea of what is going on in our community. It is just an means to an end. But how do you explain this to a 12 year old?

This process is about honesty in the process and whether justice in Jefferson County is up for sale. I realize this is a difficult political year at many levels, but the message is about the future of our community, and attracting good and honest
people to represent such an important issue to our families.

As a friend, I am asking you to preserve the integrity of the process:

  • Please Google George Soros prosecutors
  • When you hear or see these ads degrading Pete, please just know it is George Soros footing the bill with Pete’s opponent being the benefactor.
  • if you are as offended as I am by this whole thing, please pass the word along to 10, 20, 30 of your Jeffco friends or families. Maybe more if you can. Party affiliation does not matter, this is about JUSTICE AND SAFETY. Feel free to forward this letter. Ask your friends to please vote based upon the experience of the candidates and what they will bring to the office, and not on the lies and deceit paid for by a New York City billionaire. I think when they compare Weir v. Lilly, the choice is clear. But please make the right decision for the right reason.
  • If you want more information, see Pete’s Facebook page or visit his webpage at peteweir.com

The integrity of the process and the safety of our families are at issue. All of you know me, I am not a political person, and this race should not be decided on  deceptive political contributions. Public safety is not simply a republican, democrat or unaffiliated voter’s issue. We all care about the safety of our community. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this,



Pete Weir for District Attorney in Gilpin and Jefferson County

"As your District Attorney, I am committed to building a strong, safe community, where people can raise their families, live their lives, and enjoy their retirements, confident that justice will be served. Throughout my first term, I strived to promote public safety, while maintaining the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and prosecutorial integrity"

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