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My Pledge to the Citizens of the First Judicial District

As your district attorney, I pledge:

  • To seek justice, and not simply obtain convictions;
  • To aggressively fight on behalf of the most vulnerable victims in our community, our children and the elderly;
  • To target violent criminals, drug dealers, and identity thieves;
  • To target illegal aliens who commit crimes;
  • To strengthen our juvenile justice system by appropriate intervention;
  • To listen to victims, law enforcement officials, and defense attorneys;
  • To explore effective alternatives to traditional prosecution for appropriate, non-violent, offenders;
  • To appoint, guide, and lead deputy district attorneys who:
    • Will “do justice;”
    • Possess the highest integrity, courage, intellect, and ability to vigorously prosecute offenders;
    • Can recognize people who have made mistakes and distinguish them from predators;
    • Will work for public safety, and to reduce victimization and recidivism;
    • Understand the financial and emotional consequences suffered by victims of economic crimes while aggressively pursuing restitution for the victims; and
    • Will make decisions based upon the facts, the law, and their sense of justice, without bias or prejudice.
  • To lead an office where all staff are committed to serving the public with dedication and professionalism.
  • To insist that all members of the district attorney’s office be guided by the simple maxim to “do the right thing.”

And finally, I pledge to hold sacred the trust vested in me by the citizens of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties to represent the people of the state of Colorado to the best of my ability, with honor, dignity, and an abiding respect for our system of justice.

-Pete Weir

Pete Weir for District Attorney in Gilpin and Jefferson County

"As your District Attorney, I am committed to building a strong, safe community, where people can raise their families, live their lives, and enjoy their retirements, confident that justice will be served. Throughout my first term, I strived to promote public safety, while maintaining the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and prosecutorial integrity"

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